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Energy is only wasted when we waste it

We explore the power of technology for social good, so that together, we can create a safe, sustainable world for future generations.

Don’t waste your energy

A big piece of the puzzle in achieving a carbon neutral future, lies in storage. Much progress has been made in capturing energy for immediate use such as solar and industrial processes.

However, in order to achieve a carbon neutral future, it is critically important to solve the storage question and re-capture the unutilized energy that is generated.

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A safe, sustainable world for future generations

A safe, sustainable world for future generations through a technology that captures, stores, and delivers free energy wherever and whenever you need it.

Our technology

Next generation heat storage

The revolutionary patented technology means our system can store heat for long periods of time. It reduces intermittence and dependence on backup (fossil fuel) energy sources. It increases operational stability and has improved asset utilization (return on capital). Heat storage at this level of efficiency translates in important “peak-shaving” ability (time-shifted operation) and dramatically reduces generation cost. Our storage technology in practice: off-grid solar power by Helia.

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Efficiency through density

We have developed a novel and cost-effective approach to the storage of thermal energy. It is a latent heat storage technology which operates at a high temperature and has a very high energy and power density. The merits of the revolutionary technology are its simplicity, its compactness, and its ability to drive high-efficiency heat conversion engines. When operated in the latent heat mode, it can provide a constant temperature power source for a heat engine, such as a turbine. Operation in a combined latent and sensible heat mode doubles the stored energy density. The source of heat can be waste heat from industrial processes, nuclear heat or any other form of high temperature thermal energy.


Solar energy, nuclear plants and industrial processes


At both high energy density and high power density


Use for water (steam) or engine (electricity) applications

Our facts


Simple and relatively inexpensive design


Easily scaled from small to large units


Drive high-efficiency heat conversion engines


Save money on energy costs


Green and sustainable thermal energy storage

Non expendable

High lifetime value (lifetime >10yrs)


Uses waste heat from industrial processes

Combined use

Solar, other heat-based power systems and off-grid needs

Our team

Favorite quote“Don’t believe everything you think”

Favorite quote"Never give up. Never, never, never, never give up."

Favorite quote“Whether you think you can, or you think you can’t - you’re right.”

Favorite quote“When one door closes, another one will open.”

Favorite quote“No one lies on their death bed wishing they had spent more time in the office.”

Favorite quote“See things for yourself, you will be amazed.”

Favorite quote“Life is really simple, but mankind insists on making it complicated.”


CEO at TSS. He is an engineer and a visionary.

Stephen is passionate about innovation and community. He has over 40 years’ experience as an entrepreneur and senior executive in management, engineering, finance and marketing for early stage and mid-sized companies in diverse industries including industrial hydraulics, computer artificial intelligence, medical electronics, aerospace testing and evaluation, nutritional and pharmaceutical products and entertainment.

BSEE degree from Carnegie Mellon University.


CTO at TSS. He is physicist and a rock star.

Alan has a broad background in business and academia. Former faculty member in the physics and astronomy department of Northern Michigan University, where he taught physics and did research in relativity theory. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory veteran, where he did R&D on national defense technologies. He was also a member of many national advisory committees for the departments of Defense and Energy. Has held R&D management positions at Aerojet General, Northrop Grumman Corporation and General Atomics. He has founded several energy-related startups.

Ph.D in General Relativity


Head of marketing and communications at TSS. She sees possibility where others see obstacles.

Born in 1976. Kris is an entrepreneur, investor and strategic advisor. She has devoted most her life and career to planting seeds of potential in companies and individuals alike to take them to the next level. Mindset and leadership coach.

BSc in Management Sciences from Hantal/Vives Business School.


Consultant at TSS. He is a die-hard entrepreneur in a wide range of industries.

Ron started out as a consultant at McKinsey but after a few years began to fly solo, tasting a lot of different fields. He believes that climate change is by far the biggest challenge, and is confident that Helia can significantly contribute to the solution. Currently doing what inspires him the most: running his multimillion dollar company in nutritional supplements and foods and bringing his expertise to the renewable energy space.

BSc in Political Economy from University College London. MBA from the Wharton School.


Consultant at TSS. He is a dreamer, combining love with responsibility.

Kito invested in TSS more than a decade ago, inspired by the vision of the founders and the capability of the technology. Kito has lived for 25 years in the Middle East and South Asia as a strategic advisor and diplomat. He has a deep understanding of emerging markets and broad network spanning social, government and private sector.

BSc in Management Sciences from Loughborough University. MBA from Cranfield School of Management.


Advisor at TSS.

Arie has been advisor of TSS since its inception. Arie has been involved in his family business, where his activities focus on sustainable power projects, property development and management advisory. He worked for H.J. Heinz Company as General Manager in various capacities including having responsibility for evaluation and development of capital projects worldwide. Arie has written manuals on Capital Transaction Policies and Control Procedures and is an originator of a concise multi-variable business valuation model applied by many organizations.

BSc in Economics, Hons. from the University of London. MBA from the Wharton School.


Consultant at TSS. He is an optimist combining pragmatism with reason.

Born in 1966. Achmed is strategy consultant and corporate finance advisor. He was born in Germany and has lived for over 20 years in the Middle East as a strategy consultant, advisor and investor. He has gained excellent insights into the Middle Eastern markets and has developed a broad network of contacts across various industries and countries. Fluent in German, English and Arabic.

Business Administration with focus on Corporate Finance and Banking from University of Erlangen-Nuernberg.

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We put our energy into storing yours

Why TSS?

  1. Our technology is simple and efficient
  2. We use a Phase Change Material (PCM) with high energy density and power density
  3. Our technology operates at a constant temperature in the thermodynamically most optimal range
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